G097: White Lion Apartments, West End, Westbury, Wiltshire BA13


Nine Apartments in a converted Development

sold on 125-year Leases from 1st January 2013

at a combined (rising) ground rent of £1,350 per annum.

The Ground Rents each rise by £100 every twenty-five years.


The Landlord Insures, Manages and recovers all costs.

Sums Insured: £375,000 and £602,997 = £977,997. Premiums: £642.07 and £399.34 = £1,041.41.

Renewal Dates of the two Policies: 11th August 2023 and 23rd June.


Lessees’ payments are all up to date.


The Lessees cannot alter their premises without the written consent of the Landlord.


Section V Notices have not yet been served.


Copy documents: Executed Lease; Office Copy Entries; Insurance Summaries of Cover



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