We are one of the few organisations that specialise in this field. We have extensive experience of the various differing avenues of the value of these types of investments. In almost all cases that we receive, our fees are paid for by the Vendors and thus we act for those Vendors. With our experience and in close collaboration with all concerned, any problems found in the realisation of sometimes small value assets can always be overcome with a minimum of inconvenience and cost to yourselves and your clients.

Our fees are significantly less than those charged by Auctioneers and Estate Agents, who are in any more case more geared to different markets and less able to service this specialised field. For example, many sales of these investments have been by Auction, which can result in completion at least five months after the decision to sell. In appropriate circumstances we frequently bring about completion within one week of receiving instructions. In emergency situations, such as where the Freeholder is committing a criminal offence leaving a property without insurance cover, we can bring about completion within 48 hours of receiving instructions, subject of course to all parties complying with their Statutory obligations. In all cases at optimum prices.

On an achieved sale of our fee amounts to 2.5% of the price realised, subject to a minimum fee of £950. Fees for portfolios of reversionary houses, chief rents and very low yielding ground rents are quoted for individually. Should you require this company to serve the Lessees with Section V Notices under the Landlord & Tenant Act 1987, as amended by the Housing Act 1996, there will be an additional pre payment charge of £80 for the first Lessee and £25 for each subsequent Lessee or additional billing address. On all fees VAT is applied at the statutory rate.

There will be no fee payable unless this company introduces a Buyer who completes on the transaction (unless any of our pre-paid services have been requested).

Why use the Ground Rent Business?
We are in daily communication with active Buyers of all types of Ground Rents

We regularly dispatch opportunities on offer to our entire list of Investors

We specialise in this field and can cater for its specific requirements

In brief this enables us to “place” any type of Ground Rent with its own peculiar requirements at an optimum price with a Purchaser who can proceed immediately.

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